At Live Good, your health and well-being will always be our number one focus. That’s why we cut out the middleman, to make the highest quality products on the planet available to our customers and members for a fraction of the competition’s price.

And in addition to the huge savings you get when you purchase any of our life-changing products, we also give you the opportunity to earn income with the most exciting compensation plan in the industry!

In fact, you can earn up to $2,047.50 per MONTH without having to sign up a single person!

And if you decide to share our amazing products and compensation plan with others, you can earn even more!




For every person you refer to Live G oo dy who becomes a member and affiliate for $49.95, we will reward you with a $25 commission paid next week!

Additionally, if any of the people you enroll choose to enroll others, not only will they be rewarded, but you will also receive additional bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep.


Weekly Quick Start commissions are paid with the first month’s membership and the $40.00 affiliate registration fee. Therefore, you will receive $5 for each new member you refer, plus $20 for any new affiliate you refer. Since many people join as members AND affiliates, you will receive BOTH amounts for a total of $25 paid next week!



When you lock your position on Live G oo d, you are given your own business center in our quick-fill 2×15 Matrix! As more people join Live G oo d each week, they are placed in the matrix BELOW everyone already there, following their enroller. So the sooner you fix your position, the higher your position in the matrix will be.


All percentages are based on monthly membership dues of $9.95. Commissions for members who join with the annual option will be paid over 12 months at a rate of $9.95 per month.

Matrix commissions and matching bonuses are paid monthly the first week of each month for the previous month’s Matrix volume. Remember, the first month’s Membership is paid in Quick Start Commissions only. So, Matrix volume starts accumulating from members’ second month of membership and onwards.

Example: If you joined LiveGood in January and have 50 members under you in Matrix in January, you would not earn a matrix commission for January because quick start commissions are only paid on first month memberships. Assuming all 50 members remained active in February, you would receive your first Matrix commission the first week of March for those 50 Matrix members who paid for their second month memberships in February.

If another 100 members were placed in your Matrix in February, for a total of 150 active members in your Matrix, for Matrix commissions that go out the first week of March for February Matrix volume, you will be paid for 150 members in their Matrix (50 who paid their 3rd month of Membership, and 100 who paid their second month of Membership).

Note that in this example, all 150 members were below you in the matrix in February. But they only paid 50 of them that month, because those 50 paid their second month membership, while the other 100 who joined in February, their first month membership were paid in Quick Start Commissions. So if you see people below you in Matrix that you didn’t earn Matrix commissions this month, that means that was your first month and only quick start commissions were paid on your first membership. You will be paid commissions from Matrix on them next month and beyond.



As HUGE as Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses are, our Matching Bonuses are even BIGGER!

In addition to the $2,047.50 or up to 16,383.50 that you can earn in your personal matrix, you will also match 50% of the matrix commissions of all the people you enroll, AND a percentage of all the people those people enroll FIVE GENERATIONS OF DEEP ENROLLMENT , regardless of where they are. fall into your womb!


Example: If you have 10 people personally enrolled and each earn $6,000 per month in your matrix, you will match 50% of what they earn in your matrix. That means you’ll earn a matching bonus of $3,000 for each of them each month, for a total of $30,000 (10 people x $3,000 each) in commissions for those 10 people alone. And that doesn’t include what you’ll earn in YOUR womb, PLUS potentially hundreds or thousands of other people you might match up with in our other generations!

If you are Platinum, for example, you will also get the Gold and Silver Generation Matches. So, someone from your 2nd Generation Silver can also be your 1st Generation Gold and your 1st Generation Platinum, so you would get a 10% 2nd Generation Silver match, a 5% 1st Generation Gold match, and a 5% Platinum match. first generation 5%. In that person’s entire matrix!

There is no limit to the number of people you can match or how much you can earn in matching bonuses!

Matrix Commissions and Matching Bonuses are paid the first week of each month for the previous month’s volume beginning in your SECOND MONTH, as all initial orders are paid in Fast Start Commissions.



Each of our life-changing products has a member price and a retail price. While most people choose to take advantage of our amazing membership for just $9.95 per month so they can save even more with member pricing, some people may simply want to make purchases at retail prices.

As a Live G oo d affiliate, every time one of your referrals makes a purchase as a Retail Customer, you will earn 50% of the difference between the member price and the retail price.

Retail commissions are paid following the same payment structure as quick start commissions. Unlike Quick Start Commissions which are only paid once, Retail Commissions can be earned unlimitedly each time a Retail Customer places an order.

Example: If you refer a new customer who chooses to pay the retail price of a product for $24, for example, and the member price for that product is $16, the difference between the member price and the retail price is $8. Then, at the 50% level, you would earn a $4 commission on that person’s purchase.



For Affiliates who choose to market products to Retail Customers on a larger scale, you will earn additional bonuses for all that volume. In fact, you’ll earn up to 100% of the difference between the member price and the retail price on all orders from your Referred Retail Customers.

Influencer bonuses are paid exclusively based on personally enrolled retail volume per month, regardless of rank.


Example: If you have more than $25,000 in retail customer volume in a given month and the member price for that volume totals $17,000, for example, the difference between the member price and the retail price is $8,000. You will win ! 50% ($4,000) in retail commissions, plus an additional 40% ($3,200) in influencer bonuses for a total of $7,200 in commissions on that volume!



Our affiliates are a big part of our company’s success. We recognize this and want to reward you even more by allowing you to share in the total sales of the entire company. Once you reach the rank of Diamond, you will participate in 2% of the company’s total sales each month. And when you reach the rank of Crown Diamond, you’ll share in 0.5% of the company’s total sales each month!


2% divided among all qualified Diamond rank members

2% of total sales from all memberships and product sales is divided equally among all qualified Diamond affiliates and is paid with monthly commissions.


0.5% divided among all qualified Crown Diamond members

0.5% of total sales from all memberships and product sales is divided equally among all Diamond ranked affiliates and is paid with monthly commissions.

Example: If the company makes $20 million in monthly revenue between memberships, affiliate fees, and product sales, the Crown Diamond group would have $100,000 (0.5% of $20,000,000). If there were 5 qualified Crown Diamond Affiliates that month, they would each get a share of the $20,000 pool ($100,000 divided by 5 Crown Diamonds) ON TOP of ALL other commissions!


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